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AES+F, 2009-2010
A second part of The Liminal Space Trilogy
HD video installation (9-, 3-, and 1-channel versions), series of pictures, series of still, series of portfolios with photographs and drawings.

In «Satyricon», the work of the great wit and melancholic lyric poet of Nero's reign, Gaius Petronius Arbiter, the most celebrated part is «The Feast of Trimalchio» (Cena Trimalchionis). Thanks to Petronius's fantasy, Trimalchio's name has become synonymous with wealth, luxury, gluttony and unbridled pleasure.

The decadence described so masterfully, of course, by Petronius contrasts with the brevity of human existence.

We searched for an analog in the third millennium and Trimalchio, the former slave, the nouveau riche host of feasts lasting several days, appeared to us not so much as an individual but as a collective image of a luxurious hotel, a temporary paradise which one has to pay to enter.